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Jeeves and Wooster

Any PG Wodehouse fans out there? I’ve been on a Jeeves and Wooster kick this past week, I think I’ve read all the books and short stories now, (what I don’t own is in the public domain so they’re easy enough to find online). My roommate has the first season of the show with Stephen Frye and Hugh Laurie, so I’ll probably¬† waste a bunch of time watching those next… I’m such a slacker…

Fry and Laurie!

Sadly I can’t even use Wodehouse’s stories for any of my challenges since it’s not a genre I usually read, and since he’s not a new author. But hopefully now that it’s out of my system I can work on some of my challenge stories.

If you’ve never read any Wodehouse you absolutely should. Jeeves is brilliant and from the moment he goes to work for Bertie he basically runs his life. Bertie is hilariously oblivious to just how much control Jeeves has over him, (Jeeves has some very strong feelings about some of Bertie’s wardrobe choices) but since his valet also keeps getting him out of all the pesky engagements and other trouble he finds himself in he at least knows he couldn’t last long without him, (proven when Jeeves briefly quits! Gasp!).

Anyone interested should probably start with Jeeves Takes Charge, at least that’s the one I like to read first since it’s in this short story that Bertie first hires Jeeves. After that I just read them chronologically as they were published. It’s found in Carry on, Jeeves, a book of short stories about Jeeves and Wooster.


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Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

I just came across this on youtube… How did I not hear about this before!

Now I’m pretty sure I heard about the book a while back but I never got around to reading it. Of course now I’ll have to, though according to IMDb it doesn’t come out until June so I have a bit of time.

Also, read this Cracked article to understand why I totally find that movie plausible. Yes I’m a total Cracked addict.

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Katie and I went to some charity shops around Hayes yesterday, got some clothes (mostly sweaters, I think I was cold) and books! 50 pence each! Two I’d heard of before, Mirror Mirror by Gregory Maguire who most people probably know from his book Wicked, (and whatever came after it in the series) and Alastair Reynolds was an author I’d heard of but I’ve never read anything by him before.

The other two I’d never heard of at all, but they both sounded interesting. And now I have a bunch of books for the new author challenge!

They actually had four book by Alastair Reynolds, the one I bought and the three that come after it, (not sure yet if that’s the whole series) so I was torn about whether or not I should get all four since I didn’t know if I even liked him yet. I ended up getting just the first one and Katie said we can go back on Monday.

I probably didn’t need to buy more books, but there is a bit of room in my suitcase for them since three of the presents I brought for my sister were books.

Anyways today I’m going to be reading books, probably Revelation Space so I can see if I like it. Also I have a cold now and most things are closed on Sunday so a day off is good.

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