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Review: Welcome to the Jungle (or, Not The Dresden Book I Promised)

I felt bad for not reading Changes yet, and especially since I probably won’t get around to it until I’m done the Powers book that I’m on now, (though I did take a break from that to read Going Postal).  But comics don’t take nearly as long to read and since I had a few spare hours, and the first of the Dresden comics, I decided I might as well do a quick review for that.

Also I’m totally counting it as one of the Telling Tales challenge books, it has Greek mythology and Celtic folklore, and ok, it might be stretching the definition a bit, but the Telling Tales challenge is (I think) the only one that counts graphic novels. I also realized that I didn’t count Powers that Be as one of the New Author challenge books, even though one of the author’s is new to me. So totally adding it to the list. Anyways. Sorry this is so short, but I’m in England visiting my sister right now so I’m probably not going to have a lot of time for really long posts.

Welcome to the Jungle is set right before Storm Front, (so right before the book series starts) and is written by Jim Butcher and illustrated by Adrian Syaf. I was really excited when I first found it because I was expecting the graphic novels to just follow the books, (and the second graphic novel is called Storm Front as well) but instead I get a whole new story that I’ve never read before. Also it’s set at the Zoo! (I love the zoo, we went to the zoo for my birthday last year… when I turned 26. In my defense we went to African Lion Safari for my sister’s and she’s only a year younger than me, so I’m not the only one who misses doing cool stuff like that for my birthday). And sidetracked… So the story starts with a murder at the zoo *gasp!* and Dresden is called in to figure out what happened because so far their best guess is that the gorilla did it… then he went and locked himself back in his cage. There’s also the damsel in distress, because Dresden’s a sucker for a lady who needs his help, and bob makes an appearance, (hooray!) oh, and of course a deadline.

One of my favorite things about the novels is his interior monologues and snippy comments so I was pleased to find that they were worked into the graphic novels as well. Jim Butcher has a style of writing that is both entertaining and makes you feel like you could be part of the story too. I wouldn’t have thought that it would translate well into a graphic novel but was pleasantly surprised. Maybe it was because Butcher wrote it himself, or maybe because, as he explains in the forward, when he’s writing it in his he pictures the scenes as panels from a comic.

Either way I’m looking forward to reading the next ones.


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