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2nd and 3rd Book Challenge Books: Small Favor and Turn Coat

Two more down for the Horror and Urban Fantasy challenge! These two are the last of my rereads for the series, I have Changes, which is the next one, and I know Ghost Story is out but last I checked it was still in hardcover and I always get paper back, (I keep enough junk in my purse/bag/tote as it is, I don’t need a hardcover book weighing me down).

I’m not going to bother reviewing these two since it would probably just end up as more gushing like I did about White Night. I will probably do a proper review for Changes because I’ll remember my first impressions and all that.

I seem to be getting through this one challenge pretty fast. I have a lot of free time. Well, it’s more that reading’s all I’m doing with my free time because I live in Canada and it’s cold outside. Though to be fair it’s been a ridiculously mild winter so far (it rained the other day!) but that just means that the -15 weather we’ve got now seems colder in comparison. Or I’m a wimp. (pretty sure it was down to -20s and 30s last winter this time).

Anyways after Changes I’ll try working on some of the other challenges. I didn’t really mean to focus on only this one, it’s just that Dresden fits into it nicely. I suppose most of them do have fairies, and he is a detective, so I could count them towards the Telling Tales and Mystery challenges, but that kind of seems like cheating so I probably won’t. I’ll also try to do some real reviews, not just ‘OMG i love this book <3<3<3’ (ok, maybe I’m not that bad, but I’ve never really written reviews… I did find a chapter in one of my English text books though so I’ll do research and everything).

Also still planning on starting some art and writing challenges, though I’m not sure I’d actually label them challenges… maybe just fun little helpers for if you get stuck in a creative rut. I always find it easier to work on things that don’t really matter and I’m not planning on doing anything with, as soon as something needs to get done or becomes important to me I worry more about how it’s going to turn out. I over think and all of a sudden something that was really easy the day before is now really hard.

But more about that later this week. Now I have to go read Changes (yes, have to).


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First Book Challenge Book: White Night

My first book is a reread, I love Jim Butcher and I’ve been reading through the series recently but I couldn’t remember which ones I read before the new years and which after, so to make sure I’m not cheating I figured I should start with this one since I know I read all of it in January.

First of all I love Jim Butcher, love love love. If you haven’t read the Dresden Files go do it right now, (don’t be discouraged if you’ve seen the tv show… it was pretty bad). I actually ended up reading the fourth and fifth books first when I started the series. I kept finding these books at the bookstore, and they always sounded interesting, but I could never find the first one. I don’t think I’ve ever read a series starting in the middle before, but eventually I broke down and bought the earliest ones I could find. After I read them both in a day I went online and tracked down the first three.

Maybe it’s just me being all sentimental because it was the first book in the series I’d read, but I think the fourth book is when the series started to get really good, like Butcher found his voice and figured out the right balance of Harry getting his ass kicked to Harry kicking ass in a story. But a couple of my friends were annoyed with me when I made them read the fourth one first like I had so I suppose anyone getting into the series should probably start with the first one.

SPOILERS UNDER THE CUT! Continue reading

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