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Story Starter Saturday

Did I miss a weekend while I was in England? I know I remembered the prompts one Saturday that I was there, but looking at the calendar I notice I was gone for two… anyways sorry about that, I have a hard enough time keeping track of days of the week when I’m at home.

Daily ones first:
1. No one in town could deny that on nights like this, with the moon at its fullest…
2. He stared at the handcuffs in disbelief…
3. When I started all this I never intended…
4. I remember…
5. Hurrying away, and looking directly at no one…
6. The red feathers of a cardinal against the snow
7. A cloud passed over the sun and the light started to die…

And from Seventh Sanctum, from the Character Scrambler (this one made me smile): The mysterious yet totally ineffective magical knight who follows the protagonist anywhere and whose odd ideas are actually true.



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Saturday Story Starters

Huge fail on my part, I totally forgot to link the other blog I started. But I guess it hasn’t been going all that long, so it is here. I started doing the art prompts over there, and I’ve been posting a bit about my traveling too.

That’s also why I haven’t had time to get much reading done so no reviews this past week. But I do have another flight in a few days so I’ll probably get something finished then.

Anyways, here’s the daily story starters:
1. love letters
2. I try not to…
3. I squinted against the glare off the snow as something moved through the trees towards us. Fast.
4. Writing a letter.
5. I hate…
6. “Fiddlesticks.” she snapped
7. Cool night air.

And the weekly one from 7th Sanctum, taken from the Alien Race Generator: The spindly, feline race. They are a race of entertainers. They are extremely patronizing. They were once a dead people – what brought them back to life is a matter of speculation. They come from a low-gravity, desolate world that has many rings surrounding it and is known for being home to powerful diseases.

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Saturday Story Starters… but not art ones

Alright, so not as early as I usually post, but I was kind mixed up about what day it was, (I lose track a lot when I travel). I’m posting the usual daily story starters, as well as the week long short story prompt. I figure it’ll be easier to do them both on the same day since I’m not doing the art ones on this blog any more (and no I haven’t started the other blog yet… but I’m thinking of getting a start on it tonight before we head off to France for a couple days).

Daily Story Starters:
1. It was a strange night, there seemed to be a chill in the air…
2. Feeling the effects of too much sun…
3. The smell of rain
4. The cold had seeped into my very bones…
5. The smell of winter
6. Blood trickled down his leg…
7. On a rainy night in…

The week long prompt comes from the “what-if-inator”: what if the fall of  Egypt had never happened.

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Daily Stuff

I think this is going to be the last time I post any art challenges on this blog, I’m going to start a second one like I was thinking about. I figure since I’m going to be going to England in a few days I’ll at least have something to write about. I might even post some of my art journal entries.

Anyways I’ll do a post with a link to it whenever I get it up and running (hopefully this week). Until then here are the daily writing and art prompts.

Her eyes were glazed with a fever, making her…
Past the edge of the city…
Sipping from the glass of water she had poured him…
The nightmare at the hospital…
Not knowing was the hardest part…
I enjoy watching storms…
I think I need…

red balloon
exotic bird
xmas past and present
bottles or jars
black and white
the auction

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Daily Prompts

This week’s daily writing prompts are:
1. The chains were loose enough to allow some freedom of movement…
2. The stranger came early in February, one wintry day, though biting wind and
3. write about a small package that is delivered to someone, with explicit instructions to…
4. Crunching through fallen leaves
5. My head hurt like hell…
6. They waited…
7. The spines of old books.

And the art ones are:
1. aquatic vehicle
2. stars
3. China town
4. where the wild things are
5. tattoo
6. flower show
7. something sweet

Have fun with these, and I really am going to try and post a book review tonight or tomorrow!

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Daily Art and Writing Prompts

Yes! Didn’t forget!

Alright, so writing prompts first, I don’t remember where I got these from, I’ve been in the habit of randomly grabbing them off the internet and keeping them all in one document, so I can’t give you a link, (if you see one you came up with tell me and I’ll link it). Anyways:

1. Reaching forward to break his fall…
2. Sitting outside at night
3. He paced along the…
4. Slipping away for a walk
5. Several years had elapsed since I had found…
6. Trees rose up on either side of the road, turning it into a dark canyon, but the coach barely slowed…
7. A glance at the clock showed…

Art challenges are again from all over the place, mostly these are just going to be one word inspirations, and you can do whatever you want with them.

1. Memories
2. Window
3. Ghosts of the Sea
4. Fairy Tale
5. Where Wisps lead you
6. Shadows
7. Mother

Hope every one has fun with these!

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Not Really Challenges

…But I don’t know what else to call them. I’m not going to keep track of who’s doing what, so people can pretty much jump in and do whatever ones they want as often as they want, I probably won’t even do all of them every week. But I will try to at least consistently post them.

On Mondays I’ll post a week’s worth of daily writing prompts, probably first line story starters and things like that, and a week’s worth of art prompts, just for quick projects or doodles for fun, they’ll probably just be one word inspirations rather than explicit instructions so that artists of any medium can do them.

I’m also going to do Story Starter Saturday, (I like alliteration) where I’ll give a character, setting, or culture to write about, (most of them will probably come from Seventh Sanctum so if you don’t like the ones I give you you can get other ones) they’ll probably be sci-fi or fantasy, (whereas the daily prompts will probably be things that can be used for most genres). These starters will be for slightly bigger projects, a weekly short story. If people aren’t into sci-fi or fantasy they can always keep going from one of the daily prompts.

My suggestion is to write Nanowrimo style (quantity over quality) though that could be because that’s how I write pretty much everything, (you no matter how much you work at it you’re always going to have to go back and edit your first draft). I figure minimum length for a short story is 7000 words, and I can write at least 1000 words in half an hour so I can get a short story done in a week of writing half an hour a day. But you can always write more or less. Another suggestion from Nanowrimo, don’t reread your work for at least a week or two after it’s done so you can get some distance. You’ll probably like it better then.

For a bigger weekly art project I was actually thinking of doing something that we did in my high school art class. We took an inanimate object (the same one every time so it’s best if you either have the object itself or a reference picture) and each week you had to make it express something different. At the time we were doing textures or something like that, (I remember melting and furry I think). This time I’m thinking of trying to express emotion through the object. I think it should be a fun challenge, especially for people interested in comic art since they’d have to know body language really well.

For people who don’t like the inanimate object project could use the story starters from Seventh Sanctum as an alternative for ideas. But again, you’d have to be into sci-fi and fantasy, (though I suppose it’s fair to assume most people reading this blog would be).

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