Story Starter Saturday

Did I miss a weekend while I was in England? I know I remembered the prompts one Saturday that I was there, but looking at the calendar I notice I was gone for two… anyways sorry about that, I have a hard enough time keeping track of days of the week when I’m at home.

Daily ones first:
1. No one in town could deny that on nights like this, with the moon at its fullest…
2. He stared at the handcuffs in disbelief…
3. When I started all this I never intended…
4. I remember…
5. Hurrying away, and looking directly at no one…
6. The red feathers of a cardinal against the snow
7. A cloud passed over the sun and the light started to die…

And from Seventh Sanctum, from the Character Scrambler (this one made me smile): The mysterious yet totally ineffective magical knight who follows the protagonist anywhere and whose odd ideas are actually true.



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