Book Review(ish):Casino Royale (with a spoiler alert to be safe)

Has anyone else noticed that I never seem to read the books I say I’m going to? I mean, this isn’t new to me, but I was kind of hoping that telling people what I was planning on reading would help me stick to the plan. Since that doesn’t seem to be working I think I’ll just stop making any promises about what I’m going to read next, (I get around to everything eventually…).

So anyways I’m back home now, which mean a lot of boring travel time and I happened to have Casino Royale with me. I’ve never seen it as a movie, I’ve actually only seen a few James Bond movies, but this is the first of the Bond books and I like to start at the beginning of series. Also since I’ve never read anything by Ian Fleming this one counts as one of my New Author Challenge books, hooray!

Also did anyone else know that he also wrote Chitty Chitty Bang Bang? I didn’t even know that was a book, so now I have yet another on my list of books to track down.

I didn’t really have any expectations when I started reading this, like I said I’ve only seen a couple of the movies, and none of them recently, and the author’s also new to me. Still there were a few surprises. For one thing it was pretty short, though I was expecting it to end at one point, (after they escape from le Chiffre) only to realize there was still another forty pages left, (there’s only 212 to begin with). The other thing is that Bond gets tortured by le Chiffre at one point, and while it wasn’t hugely graphic or gory I still wasn’t expecting it since the book is from the 50s which apparently in my mind means it’s on par with the 1800s in how much of the gruesome details I expect to be included.

So while it wasn’t what I expected it was still a fun light read. It didn’t take me long to get through it, but I enjoyed it and was pretty engrossed while reading. I’ll probably hunt down the rest at the used bookstore at some point. Now it’s time to go unpack (ugh).


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