Katie and I went to some charity shops around Hayes yesterday, got some clothes (mostly sweaters, I think I was cold) and books! 50 pence each! Two I’d heard of before, Mirror Mirror by Gregory Maguire who most people probably know from his book Wicked, (and whatever came after it in the series) and Alastair Reynolds was an author I’d heard of but I’ve never read anything by him before.

The other two I’d never heard of at all, but they both sounded interesting. And now I have a bunch of books for the new author challenge!

They actually had four book by Alastair Reynolds, the one I bought and the three that come after it, (not sure yet if that’s the whole series) so I was torn about whether or not I should get all four since I didn’t know if I even liked him yet. I ended up getting just the first one and Katie said we can go back on Monday.

I probably didn’t need to buy more books, but there is a bit of room in my suitcase for them since three of the presents I brought for my sister were books.

Anyways today I’m going to be reading books, probably Revelation Space so I can see if I like it. Also I have a cold now and most things are closed on Sunday so a day off is good.


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